Our Story

Bamboo Grill Cuisine is a family owned business that began in 1983 with a restaurant called Que Huong in Hartford, CT.  Que Huong was one of the first Vietnamese restaurants to open in Connecticut.  The restaurant was a suggestion by friends and family of husband and wife duo Ve (Victor) and Dung (Young) when they were cooking meals from their home every weekend.  They continued to open four more restaurants but Bamboo Grill in Canton is the only one remaining.  If you have tried the others, you are assured to know that this is a rare find.  Their menu consists of an array of flavors and varieties that you’ll definitely find a favorite. If you’ve supported us, we thank you and we wish for you to continue your patronage.  If you’re new to Bamboo Grill, our family invites you to join our tradition in finding your taste buds’ delight.